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1. Whimsical Garden




The whimsical garden is a collection of my senior thesis project at FIT. This collection highlights the juxtaposition of garden parties in a satirical setting before and during the covid pandemic. This womenswear collection is all whimsical, garden-like and a little magical. The Color palette that I use captures the freshness of botanical gardens.
The folktale diptych are engineered prints painted with watercolor of a traditional Indonesian tale I grew up with. This print depicts our lives before the pandemic.
The next collection is centered on my love of scarves. These four piece scarves, I designed by pen and ink and then edited digitally. I printed my designs on silk scarves and make my close friends modeled my products.
My first Digital print collection consists of three designs with a cooler tone to the overall feeling of the garden. I am envisioning my designs to be used as dresses, tops, and light jackets
The final digital print collection consists of more abstract floral prints. Quarantine is a print that has a satirical setting of people not wearing masks in public spaces. Instead civilized animals are the ones who strictly do their part.
Floral party spring meadows liberations are what I considered as celebration pieces of overcoming this pandemic.

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