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Whimsical Garden

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The Whimsical Garden

Womenswear, Senior Thesis 2021

The whimsical garden, highlights the juxtaposition of garden parties in a satirical setting before and during the pandemic. This womenswear collection are all whimsical, garden-like and a little magical. The Color palette that I use captures the freshness of botanical gardens. 


The folktale diptych are engineered prints painted with watercolor of a traditional Indonesian tale I grew up with. This print depicts our lives before the pandemic. 


The next collection is centered on my love of scarves. These four piece scarves, I designed by pen and ink and then edited digitally. I printed my designs on silk scarves and make my close friends modeled my products. 


My first Digital print collection consists of three designs with a more cooler tone to the overall feeling of the garden. I am envisioning my designs to be used as dresses, tops, and light jackets


The final digital print collection consists of a more abstract florally prints. Quarantine is a print that has a satirical setting of people not wearing masks in public spaces. Instead civilized animals are the ones who strictly done their part. 

Floral party spring meadows liberations are what I considered as celebration pieces of overcoming this pandemic. 

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Rediscovered Romanticism


Resourceful focuses not only how the prints are made but how it will be constructed and produced. It is important to use natural materials and local artisans in the making of this line. The prints are inspired by William Morris and also timeless interior-inspired motifs. Also we bring further the concept of Rediscovered Romanticism by exploring prints inspired by “Garden parties and Summer Meadows”. Resourceful also embraces this new femininity by using more variety of botanical flowers while avoiding those overly used pastels as the color palette.

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Digital Scarf

For Screen Printing



Joe Fresh Internship Summer 2020

Retro Shoppe: Storyboard
Retro Shoppe: Prints
The Beverage Aisle
Picnic Day
Trip to the Bodega
Digital Motif
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Micro Magic

presentation board micromagic 1.jpg
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Micro Magic

Digital and Painted Prints

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Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 14.57.25.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 14.57.36.png
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